ISO 9001:2015

HR & Compilance Audit

  • An HR compliance audit can provide a baseline that can help prioritize your Human Resource needs and objectives moving forward. HR compliance audit process helps the organizations to cater to the needs and requirements which are needed to follow to maintain the ethical environment. EHS25 provides the organizations to help in doing the human resources compliance audit with the best services in all. An HR compliance audit is a process that allows following the rules and regulations which are essential for the organization to maintain an ethical culture. HR audit and compliance are vital parts of the organization which plays an important role to maintain and run the organization in a fruitful way.

    Our team of experts will perform an HR Compliance Audit for violations and risks that could affect your company’s goodwill in the market.

    HR consistence audits can assist your business with keeping away from HR cerebral pains and exorbitant monetary punishments later on. As Business laws are continually transforming, it is getting hard for entrepreneurs to keep steady over guidelines, and to change rehearses rapidly enough.HR compliance audits are a solution to make sure your organization’s Processes, Policies; Practices are aligned with the statutory rules and regulations so that your business can remain protected from any kind of legal actions.

    Apart from the external legal actions HR & Compliance Audits also monitor the performance of your HR work performance and will guide them a better way to fulfil the requirements.

    HR Audits includes End to End HR activities Like-

    • Policies and process
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Training & Development
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Record keeping
    • Performance Management

    Audits can identify whether your HR department’s process is compliant and active. Therefore, the results of the review identify gaps in the HR department that can prioritize and improve to minimize violations — finally, a useful measurement of maintaining effectiveness in fundamental HR practice areas.

    After completion of the audit we share a detailed HR Audit report briefing the HR audit findings, HR Gaps and our recommendations to fulfill the gaps.