ISO 9001:2015

Compilance Management

  • EHS25 will provide professional expertise that will manage your IR, legal & Statutory compliances.

    • Registrations as per Factories Act, Shop & Establishment Act, Contract Regulation and Abolishment Act.
    • Liaise with the Central / State Govt. labour law enforcement agencies for obtaining registration / renewal under the relevant Acts as & when required. Advice the organization in preparation & filing of registers, records, reports, returns etc. from time to time, and revert on any issues within a weeks’ time for any communication with any of the statutory authorities.
    • Liaise with regional & local labour law enforcement agencies for filling up of various forms, returns, challans for remittance, processing & obtaining the individuals registrations numbers. Update, guide & advice your company regarding latest notification / orders/ amendments issued by the appropriate authorities from time to time. All reports, registers, challans etc. shall be forwarded to you in soft copy only through mails from our side.
    • Conduct biannually audit through the team of experts empanelled with us & published the same to you at regular intervals, & also attend the Inspector / Officer at the time of assessment or approach them as & when required.