ISO 9001:2015

Compilance Management

  • Compliance management is the act of ensuring that a group of people in an organization's lodging are following a prescribed set of rules made by the government.

    EHS25 provides professional expertise that will manage your IR, legal & statutory compliances. Our company is enrolled in pouring out compliance management services for the organization that is in need.

    EHS25 provides a compliance solution to the companies that require being a part of it. Compliance management service plays a vital role to maintain the ethical environment within the organization.

    The compliance management system is a vital part of the organization, without it the organization cannot run its actions in a permissible way.

    EHS25 is processed in fulfilling all your requirements in one go with best-trained services and practices to outpour to the required organization in a fruitful way by providing best out of rest services relating to the compliances.

    We are experienced and proven masters in this field and help the other companies to accomplish the required needs by allowing us to be a part of these compliance management services.

    There are the following acts and policies which EHS25 provides the organizations to cater to the needs as required as EHS25 is a conglomeration of offering the best compliance services.

    • Registrations as per Factories Act, Shop & Establishment Act, Contract Regulation and Abolishment Act.
    • Liaise with the Central / State Govt. labour law enforcement agencies for obtaining registration / renewal under the relevant Acts as & when required. Advice the organization in preparation & filing of registers, records, reports, returns etc. from time to time, and revert on any issues within a weeks’ time for any communication with any of the statutory authorities.
    • Liaise with regional & local labour law enforcement agencies for filling up of various forms, returns, challans for remittance, processing & obtaining the individuals registrations numbers. Update, guide & advice your company regarding latest notification / orders/ amendments issued by the appropriate authorities from time to time. All reports, registers, challans etc. shall be forwarded to you in soft copy only through mails from our side.
    • Conduct biannually audit through the team of experts empanelled with us & published the same to you at regular intervals, & also attend the Inspector / Officer at the time of assessment or approach them as & when required.