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Best Third-Party Payroll & Temporary Staffing Solutions

  • Best Third-Party Payroll & Temporary Staffing Solutions

    At EHS25, we provide the best third-party payroll services, and temporary staffing solutions to help you meet business objectives. Regardless of the size, processing of payroll and managing staffing is a lengthy process and requires a lot of time and attention. Businesses these days have realized that taking payroll, and third-party staffing services would allow them more time to focus on business generation tasks, and serving consumers in a better way.

    EHS25 is a well-known organization located in different parts of the country to provide third-party payroll services and the best payroll software for small businesses. With the rise in demand for third-party services, there are various companies in the country trying to stand out from the rest. However, they fail to do so, as EHS25 is one such name that has emerged as a top third-party payroll service in pan India. Moreover, the company also provides the best payroll software for small businesses in India.

    Importance of best third-party payroll services in Pan India

    There are a large number of companies forming every month.

    Let us find out why the best third-party payroll services in PAN India are important? Let us read below:

    • As a result of third party payroll services, companies are protected from the liability of utilizing a payroll service provider for individuals hired on a temporary basis.
    • It serves as a cost-saving technique and reduces the burden of having an in-house payroll headcount.
    • It also takes care of all the responsibilities of employers such as managing government regulation, insurances, and taxation.
    • At EHS25, we allow our clients to identify, and screen the candidature who will be handled by our payroll program.
    • They specialize in the service and possess top-level tools to perform such tasks, saving you money and effort on it.

    When you are working, you will get the feeling of working with the best payroll software. We reduce the cost of hiring, and pressure on the existing staff of the company. Besides it, by utilizing our services you would be able to control headcount while meeting all the regulations and norms.

    Benefits of third party payroll services in Noida for temporary staffing

    Besides the above information, you also get below benefits by taking third party payroll services.

    • You can identify the candidate who may be eligible for a particular project without incurring any recruiting fees.
    • You may be able to understand the candidature through a trial period before making the final offer.
    • You get the additional component that works effectively with flexible staffing solutions.
    • The period allows you to evaluate your suitability and contributions of employees.

    Why are we known for delivering the best payroll software for small businesses in Gurugram?

    Companies come to EHS25 due to our ability to provide the best payroll software for small businesses in Gurugram. Our software is designed to help you meet all the staffing related expectations. Let us find out some of the benefits you get from us.


    We provide tested strategies to deliver business-driven solutions,

    Client Satisfaction

    At EHS25, we believe that client satisfaction is of the utmost importance.


    EHS25 has years of experience in delivering top-level solutions.


    We provide cost-efficient solutions while keeping quality.

    Certified Professionals

    Our team comprises certified professionals for staffing and payroll management.

    Huge Database

    We have a huge database of candidates to find the right one quickly.

    Whatever your requirements are, please connect to our expert. 

    Best Payroll Software for small business in Noida/Delhi NCR

    EHS25 is known for providing top solutions for temporary, and payroll solutions for both small and large corporations. Backed by years of experienced staff, we have written various success stories. We have the best payroll software in Pune as well as Chennai. Regardless of place, we provide third party payroll solutions across the country.

    What do we have in third party payroll solutions?

    With our extensive range of services, EHS25 has been helping businesses around the world to save time, money, and other resources. Regardless of the business size, the process of payroll requires a great amount of attention and effort. If you fail to put in the needed efforts, you might end up facing serious workforce issues. In a case you put your entire focus towards it, you may never be able to understand the changing needs of the customer, affecting the revenue generation capacity of your organization. Therefore, we provide 360-degree third party payroll solutions in Pune or anywhere else.

    Multilingual Hiring

    • For short term as well as long term
    • Permanent and contractual basis
    • For any language
    • For any job profile or industry

    Onboarding Management

    • Send offer letters to candidates
    • Joining formalities & documentation
    • Background verification of candidates

    Payroll and Attendance Management

    • Salary payment of employees
    • Leave tracking
    • Tracking of timesheet

    Management of compliance and regulations

    • PF and ESIC management
    • Income Tax & Professional Tax
    • Labor welfare & minimum wage

    Exit Management

    • Clearance of No Dues
    • Transfer of PF online/withdrawal
    • Experience Letters

    When it comes to the successful running of the organization, the administration is one of the essential pillars. Therefore, neglecting it won’t do any good for your business. As mentioned above, the process takes too much time and becomes challenging to manage. But you don’t need to worry even a little as long as we are here for your rescue.